Wahaha Paradise

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Welcome at Wahaha Paradise

Sunny Carinthia in South Austria waits for you with vacation possibilities in a beautiful setting nestled between splendid mountains and crystal clear, fresh water lakes.

Both Carinthia and the Rosental region have much to offer for sportive holidays. The most beautiful cycling path in all of South Austria twists blissfully along the banks of the Drava river and is located directly behind Wahaha Paradise. The surrounding nature is full of possibilities for hiking, power walking, running, simple exploring, plus much more. Our lakes are full of fresh water that is at a drinking quality level.
There are many options for cultural experiences from traditional live-music to village parties where the entire village gets together to celebrate. Close by you will find an Animal Park and Petting Zoo in the town of Rosegg. Carinthia’s most popular lake, the Wörthersee, is also a very short drive from Wahaha Paradise. There you can enjoy endless activities such as boating, wake boarding, swimming, etc.

Wahaha Paradise Special: free access for house guests to our private swímming area on Lake Wörthersee!

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